Survival Book Recommendation: The 4-Hour Chef by Timothy Ferriss

Tim Ferriss’ new book, The 4-Hour Chef, just officially launched.

Don’t let the title throw you off – this isn’t just a cookbook.  It’s a guide to learning any skill you want – cooking, sure, but also language learning, shooting a basketball, improving memory, tying knots, or catching pigeons.

In fact, there’s an entire section called The Wild dedicated to teaching you a bunch of ultra useful survival skills.

Here are just a few of the subsections from The Wild:

  • How to build a debris hut (p 264)
  • The anti-hunter’s first hunt (p 272)
  • Nose to tail, A to Z: Learning to butcher (p 342)

While I can’t give you a full review of this book (I have only just ordered it myself!), I can tell you that I do trust the author.

I’ve been a fan of Mr. Ferriss for a couple years now, and bought his previous two books.  I love the way he breaks down difficult problems and makes them easier to digest.

Part of his approach to writing is to give you independent pieces, so that if you are really opposed to one of them, you can ignore it and still get the benefit of the others.  There will definitely be something you can use in this book, regardless of your interests.

You can buy the book through Amazon: The 4-Hour Chef

Avoid Becoming A Zombie By Getting In Zombie Ass-Kicking Shape

Great news!  Six months after the zombie apocalypse starts, you’ll be in the best shape of your life!

As it turns out, running for your life is great exercise!  And since all the restaurants will be abandoned, you won’t be eating pizza three times a week anymore.

Worse news is, of course, that most people will be dead or will be zombies.

The better news is that you won’t be a zombie, because you’re fit and lean already, and you’re very capable of pulling yourself up over a fence, or climbing a tree, or outrunning even the quickest of the undead.

You are able to do that all, right?

I’m not saying you need to be able to run 10 miles, or bench 400 pounds, but the reality of the matter is this: some very basic fitness requirements are really, really useful – especially if, you know, there’s an apocalypse going on.

Now, before you click over to Amazon to buy that new exercise program you saw on TV where they run up the walls like they’re in the Matrix, there’s something you should know.

Most of maintaining a healthy weight is eating a proper diet.

Experts have estimated that up to 80% of weight loss is attributed to what you eat.  That means that as little as 20% is a result of exercise.

If that’s true, it makes sense to focus on the bigger number, right?

And you don’t have to clean footprints off your walls!

Now, I know what you’re thinking.

“I’ve tried diets before, and they didn’t work.”

Or, “I’ve tried diets before and it was too much work – cutting up vegetables to put in little bags, and eating 8 times a day doesn’t work for me.”

Maybe even, “I can’t or don’t have time to cook the meals the diet recommends.”

What all of these are really saying is this: “Dieting is too hard!”

And you’re right, in those instances, dieting is too hard.

But, what if dieting could be easy?

What if someone were to bring all your meals right to your door every week, and they were good for you, tasted great, and were affordable?

That would be easy, right?

No going shopping to buy food.  No cooking.  No cutting up celery sticks.  No dirty dishes.

You would never have to think about what’s for dinner.

And as busy as you already are, having one less thing to think about is pretty nice.

Restaurant-quality meals, delivered to your door, for about $20 per day – that’s what Diet-to-Go offers.

You’re probably thinking this all sounds too good to be true.  This must just be another fad diet that lets you lose 10 pounds the first week, but then you plateau – and eventually gain it all back (with interest) when you give up.

Well, you’re right – you will plateau, but there’s a big difference between Diet-to-go and a fad diet.

With Diet-to-Go you’re not tricking your body into temporary weight loss, or dehydrating yourself to lose water weight.

Meals are nutritionally balanced, and properly portioned.  You’re actually eating healthy for a change.  So when you plateau, you’ll be able to stick with it and not give up, because you won’t feel like you’re depriving yourself to begin with.

There’s no long-term commitments – you can cancel anytime.  And there’s a 100% satisfaction guarantee if you’re not absolutely thrilled by the food.

There are 3 menu plans to choose from: traditional, vegetarian, and low-carb.  And you can substitute out any meals you don’t like, or can’t eat if you are allergic to something.

Shipping is available only to the US contiguous 48 states due to restrictions and transit times, and local fresh pickup locations are available in VA, DC, MD, PA, NJ & CA.

If you’re interested in becoming a new you, avoiding health problems, and avoiding becoming a zombie, I recommend you get Diet-to-Go today!

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15% Off Any Meal Plan

High Quality Survival Tools At Low Prices

At home, a dog might be a man’s best friend, but in the wilderness, a man’s best friend is his knife.

If you need something cut, stabbed, slashed, flayed, or chopped, you rely on your knife.

Of course, there are specialized tools like machetes, hatchets, and throwing knives for certain tasks too.

Luckily, BudK carries them all, at everyday low prices, which get even lower if you buy more.

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Zombie Movie Review: Resident Evil: Retribution

Resident Evil: Retribution

Running time: 96 minutes | IMDB Rating: 5.9 | Genre: Action, Horror, Sci-Fi | Release: September 2012
Director: Paul W. S. Anderson
Cast: Milla Jovovich, Sienna Guillory, Michelle Rodriguez, Bingbing Li
ZSG Rating: 5/10

Synopsis (from IMDB): Alice fights alongside a resistance movement in the continuing battle against the Umbrella Corporation and the undead.


My Review

You know those cut scenes in video games, where you get the basics of the plot in a short movie, and then you play through all the mindless killing of monsters so you can get to the next cut scene, and next segment of the storyline?

Well, this movie was the exact opposite of that.

It’s a 90 minute clip of watching someone play a video game level where he has to kill a load of zombies and get to a helicopter.

I’m serious, that’s pretty much it.

There are some highlights, though.

The first intro played backwards was cool.  The second intro was awesome.  The “second intro” part will make sense when you see it.

That’s about it for highlights.

But, what I found most interesting is that I wasn’t bored.  It was non-stop action, without much acting, and while there was nothing special throughout, the movie itself flew by.

Plus I’m pretty much a sucker for a bunch of hot chicks kicking ass.

There was also a between-the-lines plot tidbit most reviews on IMDB seem to miss: it would seem that the Umbrella Corporation isn’t the bad guy, but just the facilitator.  Watch out for that.

You get told at the end of the movie that the resistance group are preparing to make their last stand.  Guess there will be at least 1 more movie.

If you’re a true fan, you’ll watch this anyway.  If you’re not a true fan, but think you probably need to watch it in case you want to see the next one – just watch the trailer and save yourself 94 minutes.

Here’s to hoping the next movie has a storyline!




Zombie Details

Cause of: T-Virus
Special abilities: Weird mutations, pretty much a recap of all previously seen in the series
Weapons used against: Mostly guns – which magically appear when you’ve run out of ammo.  Again, this is obviously a video game you’re watching.