Survival Book Recommendation: The 4-Hour Chef by Timothy Ferriss

Tim Ferriss’ new book, The 4-Hour Chef, just officially launched.

Don’t let the title throw you off – this isn’t just a cookbook.  It’s a guide to learning any skill you want – cooking, sure, but also language learning, shooting a basketball, improving memory, tying knots, or catching pigeons.

In fact, there’s an entire section called The Wild dedicated to teaching you a bunch of ultra useful survival skills.

Here are just a few of the subsections from The Wild:

  • How to build a debris hut (p 264)
  • The anti-hunter’s first hunt (p 272)
  • Nose to tail, A to Z: Learning to butcher (p 342)

While I can’t give you a full review of this book (I have only just ordered it myself!), I can tell you that I do trust the author.

I’ve been a fan of Mr. Ferriss for a couple years now, and bought his previous two books.  I love the way he breaks down difficult problems and makes them easier to digest.

Part of his approach to writing is to give you independent pieces, so that if you are really opposed to one of them, you can ignore it and still get the benefit of the others.  There will definitely be something you can use in this book, regardless of your interests.

You can buy the book through Amazon: The 4-Hour Chef