Dropbox: Survival For Your Digital Life

Although technology has simplified a great many things, sharing files with friends is still a hassle for many people.

Some sharing sites, such as Megaupload, have been shut down, which reduces the confidence that those who even knew such sites existed have in such a model.  These are definitely not the place to store important documents.

Email services are great, and most are encrypted, but generally limit you to files under 25mb, which is actually less than what my toaster’s file limit size is.  (The limit is imposed to curb spammers, but becomes impractical for most people today.)

Would you like to be able to share files with friends?  Back up important documents?  Access files on your home computer, at work, or in the school computer lab?

Dropbox makes this all really easy, and it’s completely free to use!

With Dropbox you can:

  • Automatically back up important files
  • Access your files on any computer or mobile device with an internet connection
  • Sync files on multiple computers
  • Edited files are automatically updated in all locations
  • Share files with others
  • Restore lost files

Further, Dropbox is encrypted and secure, to make sure that your important files stay private.  (Note: password security is always vital.)

This is a great service, and completely free to use.  And, if you ever have to bug out due to zombies, you’ll be glad that all the files in your Dropbox are secure and accessible wherever you go.

Sign up for free here!